Negative Pressure brings Positive Results


Lymphatouch® device

LymphaTouch® is a device that is designed to support lymphatic drainage.1,2 The negative pressure generated by the device helps improve lymphatic circulation1,2 in the treated area. In addition to negative pressure, the LymphaTouch® has mechanical high-frequency vibration feature. The high frequency vibration was initially introduced by another HLD product, PhysioTouch®, and later added as a feature to LymphaTouch®.

The results of LymphaTouch® therapy can be assessed after treatment by analyzing patient’s VAS pain ratings and measuring changes in circumference and range of motion for the treated limb.3


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  • Increased revenue opportunities and better business ➛ higher customer satisfaction
  • Less strain for the therapy providers and reduced stress on the hands through device usage
  • Enables wider range of services for the clinic customers.

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  • A gentle and comfortable treatment method for treating lymphedema
  • Improves lymphatic circulation1
  • Relief of pain and muscle aches2
  • Improvement of secondary lymphedema and management of lymphedema4

For patients and professionals

LymphaTouch® was originally developed as a tool for physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals to support lymphedema treatment. The device works as tool for the healthcare professional to support manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). LymphaTouch® is Rx Only device. You can get the device also for home use. Please contact HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd. We are happy to assist you.

What is lymphedema?

Lymph is body fluid that is filtered from blood vessels to tissue. From tissue, lymph is transported by lymph vessels to lymph nodes and further via lymphatic system back to venous circulation. If the lymphatic system is not functioning properly, lymph is unable to move forward and the tissue starts to swell with fluid. The swelling caused by the problems in the lymphatic system is known as a disease called lymphedema.


Lymph is body fluid that is filtered from blood vessels to tissue

Happy customers

After having the benefit of LymphaTouch®’s use off and on for about two months, I feel like I have had a rebirth.
Lymphedema patient, Michigan
An important reduction in pain that allows longer periods of activity and better periods of sleeping.
Patient, severe back pain, North Carolina
After one month of therapy with LymphaTouch®, I have more range of movement then I ever have had in the past since I started having these problems.
Lymphedema patient, Michigan
LymphaTouch® has cut down the treatment time of lymphedema patients with fibrotic skin by a week, sometimes even two weeks compared to just using your hands.
Kathryn McGinty, PTA, CLT, Johns Hopkins Hospital
LymphaTouch® is an extension of Manual Lymphatic Drainage. LymphaTouch® has cut time that we spend with patients down.
Justine C. Whitaker, Lymphatic Nurse Consultant, Director Northern Lymphology

The video above tells a story of a cancer patient that has had a significant increase in quality of life with the LymphaTouch® device.

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