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Muscle Maintenance and Recovery Treatment

Sports-related muscle and soft tissue injuries may be caused by trauma, overuse or prolonged stress of the tissue structures. Illnesses affecting the muscles weaken the muscle pump function and thereby reduce transportation of oxygen and nutrients into the tissue. Returning to action too soon or starting too hard after recovery may prolong the healing process or cause reinjury.


Another important factor in the rehabilitation and recovery from sport injuries and operations are functional fascial structures. Fascia lines and structures have many important functions around the whole body. Fascia is in tight contact with other body structures. It stabilizes, carries load and tension and supports postural compensation.

Faster Recovery

LymphaTouch® -treatment can be used for injury prevention and recovery from injuries and operations. The treatment can increase fascial metabolism, improve joint functionality and reduce pain from compression and overuse of muscles. This may also prevent further scar tissue buildup. Recovery is essential in muscle and tissue repair and rebuilding strength. LymphaTouch® can help speed up the recovery process.

LymphaTouch® offers a versatile tool for treatment of acute traumas like ankle sprains, contusion traumas, hematomas and overuse related conditions such as plantar fasciopathy.

LymphaTouch® can be used for injury prevention, to promote overall recovery, for muscle maintenance and more locally in treatment of specific injuries. The compact size of LymphaTouch® makes it truly portable and it travels easily with sports teams.


We use the LymphaTouch® device almost daily treating the players. In our experience the recovery from contusions and bruises is significantly faster and the pain more manageable after treatment with the device. We start treating the player right after an injury. Device treatment makes post-op recovery and inflammations at muscles and joints significantly faster.

—Professional Ice Hockey team, Finland

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