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Preop And Postop Swelling, Scars

Swelling is common in orthopedic patients. Swelling can occur before surgery caused by trauma or after surgery caused by the operation. Compression pain after an injury or operation can be relieved by reducing swelling by improving lymphatic circulation.

All invasive operations produce scar tissue. Reparation and regeneration of scar tissue is dependent on tissue metabolism, oxidation and functionality. Older scars might build up adhesions to other tissue layers and these can partially inflict pain, swelling and reduced functionality of the joint. Scar tissue build up can lower muscle performance, it stresses tendons and can entrap nerves. When tearing a muscle, ligament or tendon the body creates scar tissue to repair and “glue“ the torn parts together. Oxygen deprivation can also cause scarring in soft tissue.

Convenient Care

LymphaTouch® can be used as part of the pre- and postoperative rehabilitation, to enhance and promote faster recovery from surgery. LymphaTouch® treatment supports the rehabilitation process in orthopedic patients towards an active recovery. Activating the lymphatic system before the operation also supports recovery after it, by reducing postoperative swelling and hematomas.

To prevent scar tissue formation LymphaTouch® helps to improve the oxidation and lymphatic circulation of the treated area. It also helps to loosen adhesions and improves the functionality of the joint by increasing range of motion.

LymphaTouch® offers the most convenient treatment approach for hip and knee replacement patients, dislocation injuries and other acute traumas like fractures.


I felt lighter and healthier both physically and mentally after the LymphaTouch® treatment. The limb circumference had reduced 0.5 cm -2 cm, which gave me concrete belief in faster healing and recovery. According to the facts and results above I can recommend this treatment for people who undergo or recover from hip replacement surgery.

—Hip-replacement patient, Finland

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