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Treating Lymphedema Faster, More Efficiently And With Better Results


Primary and Secondary Lymphedema Care

Lymph is body fluid that is filtered from blood vessels to tissue. From tissue, lymph is transported by lymph vessels to lymph nodes and further via the lymphatic system back to venous circulation. If the lymphatic system is not functioning properly, lymph is unable to move forward and the tissue starts to swell with fluid. The swelling caused by the problems in the lymphatic system is known as a disease called lymphedema.

Lymphedema developed at birth is known as primary lymphedema. The lymph carrying capacity can also be diminished after surgeries, radiotherapy, trauma or infection. This is called secondary lymphedema. For example, in cancer surgeries the lymph nodes close to the tumor area are often either removed or radiated. The removed or damaged lymph nodes might predispose the body to lymphatic swelling.

Efficient Therapy

LymphaTouch® is an excellent tool for lymphedema management and lymphedema follow-up. It serves as a supplementing tool for treatment of both primary and secondary lymphedema. LymphaTouch’s unique feature combination of mechanical vibration and negative pressure efficiently activates the lymphatic circulation in the treated area and helps reducing swelling and pain. LymphaTouch treatment has been experienced as very comfortable among various different patients diagnosed with head, neck or breast cancer and patients suffering from secondary lymphedema caused by trauma, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

LymphaTouch® enhances manual therapy, enabling the therapist work more efficiently and the patient get concrete results faster.


After having the benefit of LymphaTouch®’s use off and on for about two months, I feel like I have had a rebirth.

—Lymphedema patient, Michigan

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