Improving Joint Functionality

Improving Range Of Motion With Efficient Joint Care


Musculoskeletal Disorder

Trauma, overuse or prolonged stress of the tissue structures cause muscle injuries. Different illnesses and conditions may reduce the circulation and metabolism and thereby reduce oxygen and nutrient flow into the joint tissue. These conditions can lead to a reduced range of motion.

LymphaTouch® activates the transportation of fluids in subcutaneous tissue to increase oxygen and nutrient flow around the treated area. LymphaTouch can be used for treating acute and chronic joint related injuries and conditions as well as musculoskeletal conditions such as tennis elbows (lateral epicondylitis), shoulder impingements, plantar fasciitis and a variety of knee conditions such as osteoarthritis. In addition LymphaTouch® treatment can be used as part of the therapy to promote an active rehabilitation.

LymphaTouch® negative pressure can be applied directly over joint interspaces to reach different joint angles and help improving the range of motion (ROM) of the treated joint.


After receiving LymphaTouch® treatment, I was confident enough to run again, and now my ankle is recovering day by day. I recommend LymphaTouch treatment to all who have swelling in their ankle. An incredible treatment.

—Twisted ankle patient, Finland

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