Lymphedema treatment at-home

LymphaTouch® negative pressure treatment

LymphaTouch®, also known as PhysioTouch®, is a pain free and easy to use negative pressure device that aims to ease the pain, and give more range of motion for the patient. It can be applied by the patient to support self-treatment of lymphedema and swelling at home. The device is very light weight and portable that travels with the patient.

Compression garments

Compression garments offer a daily care routine for lymphedema patients. Different garment models include for example compression socks, gloves, pants, tights and sleeves in many different sizes. Also, specifically designed night time garments exist.

When choosing the right compression garment or model, the most important thing is to choose a product that has a right size and the right compression level for the treated area. Finding the correct compression level is called fitting and more information on how to find the right fit can be found from the compression garment manufacturer or from your certified lymphedema therapist. As too much compression might also be harmful for the lymphatic system, it is therefore recommended to always order the garments so that they are customized for the patient.

Compression garments are part of the everyday routine for lymphedema patients.

Manual lymphatic drainage at home (Self-MLD)

Certified lymphedema therapist may teach a patient on how to do on their own manual lymphatic drainage at home. You may ask this training from your therapist. The patient may be instructed to do Self-MLD 20 minutes every day.

Lymphedema pumps

Lymphedema pumps are a treatment method, where the treated limb is dressed into a cuff. The cuff has a varying number of cells that can be filled with air. The compressor fills one cell at a time, in the distal direction of the limb. The purpose is to push and guide the lymph out of the treated body part.