Negative Pressure brings Positive Results

What is LymphaTouch®?

LymphaTouch® is a treatment device that is based on negative pressure and serves as a part of lymphedema therapy.

Gentle LymphaTouch® treatment can be used solely, or combining it to other lymphedema treatment methods or lymphedema products, such as manual lymphatic drainage, compression garments or bandaging treatments.

LymphaTouch® can be used for treating primary or secondary lymphedema. In addition to lymphedema treatment, the device is also suitable to be used as a support for treatments of fibrotic tissue, scars, and axillary web syndrome.

The negative pressure generated by the device improves the lymphatic circulation in the treated area1 and gives more range of motion for the patient.

Benefits – Why LymphaTouch®?

Ease of use

LymphaTouch® is an easy to use device that doesn’t require any special preparations before starting the treatment session, although massage oils or creams can be used to help to move the treatment cups on the skin. LymphaTouch® device reduces therapist stress and strain when compared to traditional lymph drainage therapy methods. Make sure you have obtained adequate training and knowledge before using LymphaTouch® for lymphedema patient treatments. LymphaTouch® offers a free online training opportunity. Sign up here!

Adjustable pressure

Adjustable pressure levels make sure that the treatment is comfortable but efficient for each individual patient. Lower pressure levels are suitable for treating sensitive, aged or fragile skin. Higher pressure levels can be used for example treating tight tissue, fascia, or scars. The pressure can be adjusted between 20 mmHg to 250 mmHg.

High frequency vibration

In addition to negative pressure, LymphaTouch features high-frequency vibration. The high frequency vibration can be set easily through the touch screen interface and adjusted between 20Hz to 90Hz. High frequency vibration can be used for example to support fibrotic tissue treatment. Higher frequency levels affect the superficial layers of tissue, and lowering the vibration frequency enables deeper tissue penetration.


Negative pressure technique of lymphatic therapy is a gentle treatment method and safe for the patients. The pressure can always be adjusted according to patient’s sensations.1

Treatment results

The results are immediately measurable after treatment. Clinical research data suggests that LymphaTouch® negative pressure technique provides better lymphedema patient outcomes than traditional treatment methods. LymphaTouch® has been reported to improve patients’ comfort in daily tasks, as well as their quality of life.1, 4

Portable and light weight

The small size and weight of the LymphaTouch® device makes it easily movable around the home to enable easy at home treatment for lymphedema patients. LymphaTouch® device is also portable allowing lymphedema patients to take the device with when they are traveling. Light weight device only weights 2.6lb, which is much less than many other lymphedema products, such as lymphedema pumps.

From LymphaTouch® users

The video below tells a story of a cancer patient that has had a significant increase in quality of life with the LymphaTouch® device.

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