What is LymphaTouch®?

LymphaTouch® is a treatment device that is based on negative pressure and serves as a part of lymphedema therapy.

Gentle LymphaTouch® treatment can be used solely, or combining it to other lymphedema treatment methods or lymphedema products, such as manual lymphatic drainage, compression garments or bandaging treatments.

LymphaTouch® can be used for treating primary or secondary lymphedema. In addition to lymphedema treatment, the device is also suitable to be used as a support for treatments of fibrotic tissue, scars, and axillary web syndrome.

The negative pressure generated by the device improves the lymphatic circulation in the treated area, reduces swelling1 and gives more range of motion for the patient.

Benefits – Why LymphaTouch®?

From LymphaTouch® users

The video below tells a story of a cancer patient that has had a significant increase in quality of life with the LymphaTouch® device.