Negative Pressure brings Positive Results

LymphaTouch® for Professionals

LymphaTouch® was originally developed as a tool for physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals to support lymphedema treatment.

The device works as tool for the healthcare professional to support manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). LymphaTouch® has been widely researched since it came to markets in 2009 and today it is used by over 400 customers in the US, Europe and Asia. In the US, there are today over 100 professional treatment locations that apply LymphaTouch® for lymphedema treatment.

In the research, LymphaTouch® has been shown to improve lymphatic circulation in the treated area and reduces secondary lymphedema of the arm (SLA) post mastectomy. In addition, LymphaTouch® can help therapist when they are treating scarring, fibrosis, or axillary web syndrome (cording), as negative pressure and high frequency vibration enable new ways to manipulate the affected tissue.

Why LymphaTouch®?

  • Increased revenue opportunities and better business through higher customer satisfaction
  • Less strain for the therapy providers and reduced stress on the hands through device usage
  • Enables wider range of services for the clinic customers


We are offering the unit to healthcare professionals with a buy or rental option. If you wish to buy the product you can do that by filling out this form.

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