Negative Pressure brings Positive Results

LymphaTouch® for Patients

LymphaTouch® is a device that is designed to support lymphatic drainage and lymphedema treatment. It is an easy to use device that enables efficient at-home treatment. The negative pressure generated by the device is very gentle and comfortable for the patients.

Treatment with LymphaTouch® is easily combined with other lymphedema treatment options such as compression garments and bandaging.

Why LymphaTouch®:

  • A gentle and comfortable treatment method for treating lymphedema
  • Easy to use, light weight and portable device that travels with the patient
  • Efficient treatment method
  • Relief of pain and muscle aches2
  • Improvement of secondary lymphedema and management of lymphedema4
  • Visible treatment results2
  • Positive impact on quality of life2,4

How to obtain training for LymphaTouch®?

LymphaTouch® device is easy and comfortable to use and patient can get access to online videos that demonstrate the device usage.

Once the patient has acquired the device, the patient has an opportunity to discuss with a certified lymphedema therapist about the use of LymphaTouch®, and the different treatment techniques used.

Also the patient’s own lymphedema therapist can support the patient when starting to use LymphaTouch® device.

How to get LymphaTouch®?

If you are interested in getting the device for home use, please contact HLD Healthy Life Devices Ltd. with the form below and we are happy to assist you.

How to get LymphaTouch - for patients
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