Negative Pressure brings Positive Results

LymphaTouch® features

The technical features of the LymphaTouch® device make a variety of treatments possible.

Below table summarizes the key features:

Negative Pressure20mmHg – 250mmHg
High-Frequency Vibration*20Hz – 90Hz
Pulse length0.5s – 5s
Pulse work/rest ratio20% – 90%

* The High-Frequency Vibration is mechanic and the device does not lead any electricity into the tissue.

Lymphatouch® device

Other features

The sensors in the treatment head measure negative pressure 300 times per second and automatically engage negative pressure when treatment cup is brought close to the skin.

Treatment cups are available in four different sizes for different parts of the body: 35mm, 50mm, 60mm, and 80mm. The patented, ergonomically designed treatment cups are manufactured using materials that are not allergenic.

LymphaTouch® has an easy-to-use touch screen based user interface for simple, intuitive operation. The device has a battery that enables LymphaTouch® to be used practically anywhere!

LymphaTouch® Contraindications:

  • Do not use the device without having had device specific training.
  • Do not treat a patient with an infectious disease.
  • Do not use on a pregnant patient or on a patient with cancer without seeking medical advice in advance.
  • Be very careful when applying on fragile skin (e.g., due to cortisone treatments), and on the throat area.
  • Do not use on a patient with a diagnosed current venous thrombosis.
  • Do not use on a patient suffering from protein poor edema due to severe heart failure, cardiac edema.
  • If you are uncertain of the suitability of the device for treatment, seek medical advice prior to starting the treatment. As this list is not exhaustive, always seek out medical advice in the event of doubt.
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