Device and Accessories

Unique Device features

LymphaTouch® APC

Adjustable pulsation and pressure control

High frequency mechanical vibration

LymphaTouch® TreatTouch 100

Ergonomic and versatile treatment handle

LymphaTouch® DuraBat

Power supply for all day’s use

LymphaTouch® IntelliTouch

Next generation touch User Interface

LymphaTouch® Rollstand

LymphaTouch® Rollstand is designed especially for the LymphaTouch® LT01 model. Easily attachable LymphaTouch® Rollstand improves stability when used in-clinic.

Weight 10 kg

Height 1,25m

Treatment cups

LymphaTouch® provides four treatment cups, 35mm, 50mm, 60mm and 80mm.

LymphaTouch® Carrying Bag

LymphaTouch® Carrying Bag is especially designed to take good care of your LymphaTouch® -device and accessories in-clinic or when on the road.


To improve the overall hygiene and to keep the device clean, please remember to change the consumable LymphaTouch® filter between patients. The filters are sold in 500 pcs packages.