Clinical Advisory Board

Director, Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy, Johns Hopkins Hospital USA

Ken Johnson

Ken is the Director of Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Services for Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.  His career path to clinical leadership at one of the nation’s leading academic medical institutions began nearly 23 years ago after graduation from the University at Buffalo.  In addition to operational and clinical responsibilities, Ken serves as the administrator for post-professional residencies and fellowships in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology.  He has also been an invited guest lecturer for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, Ken was the Director of Clinical Integration for BTE Technologies (Baltimore, MD), Director of Rehabilitation for Baptist Memorial Healthcare Corporation (Memphis, TN), and was a travelling corporate physical therapist for Rehabworks, Inc. (Clearwater, FL).  It was during this time of clinical practice, biomedical engineering, and management that he became interested in the role that tools and technologies played to improve the quality of life for therapists and their patients. 

Throughout the his career, Ken has provided numerous lectures and workshops on physical therapy techniques and practice in over 20 countries in the US, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asia.

Ken has served the APTA as a Foundation for Physical Therapy Scientific Advisory Council Member, as a Foundation Fundraising Committee Member, and as the Section on Research Membership Chair.  Locally, he served 6 years on the Board of Directors for V-Linc, a non-profit organization providing innovative technology solutions and trainingthat assist individuals with special needs in their home, community and workplace.  At Johns Hopkins, he has led the annual United Way campaign for he department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

As a 3-time Top 75th Percentile Gallup Q12® Employee Engagement Leader, Ken remains committed to the growth and development of his team and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins Health System, and Johns Hopkins International clinical, educational, and research programs.

Director and Nurse Consultant of Northern Lymphology Ltd, Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, UK

Justine Whitaker

As a practicing nurse for 29 years, Justine currently holds a number of professional and voluntary positions. These consist of Director and Nurse Consultant of Northern Lymphology Ltd and Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire. She has also been awarded as nurse of the year in 2007 for invention and bringing to global market the ‘Whitaker Pouch’ within lymphoedema management. Justine holds a master’s degree in Lymphoedema Management, and she has also published several publications within the lymphoedema management field.

At Nothern Lymphology Ltd Justine clinically provides lymphoedema management to all referred patients, both in the private and NHS sectors at the designated centre at whatever level of intervention is required following comprehensive consultation. Treatments offered are conservative and not surgical.  Inconjunction with her role at the University, she regularly publishes literature in peer reviewed journals, and presents and teaches on a national and international basis. Justine also holds an instructor position at Kinesio Taping International.

As Senior Lecturer, within the School of Health Sciences Justine provides education at the University of Central Lancashire offering a level 6 Advanced Certificate for health professionals nationally, in Lymphoedema Management. She also provides regular lectures on Masters level courses within Oncology and Dentistry within the University. Justine is currently active in Research within the School of Health Sciences looking into tissue oxygen levels within lymphoedema.